Welcome to the Mobile Suit Gundam Battle System Reference Data section. Within this area of MSGBS you will find the technical specifications, full color renditions, and historical notes of the Mobile Suits of the Gundam genre.

The Mobile Suit Gundam Battle System Reference Data site would like to thank Mark Simmons, for making this all possible. In his own words... "I'm releasing some of the material I created for the Gundam Project to the fan community. All the site's artwork, icons, and illustrations are available for your use, subject to two conditions: That you credit the artist (me, Mark Simmons), and that you not use it for any commercial activity (including a revenue-generating Web site) without my explicit permission. Other than that, you have my permission to go crazy." Without MarkSimmons beautifully rendered full color Mobile Suit pictures this reference area would not of been made possible. The Gundam Fan Community and the MSGBS thanks you Mark for all your hard work in helping develop this hobby.

Pictured right is the grandfather of all Mobile suits, the ZI-X A3 developed by the Duchy of Zeon. This unmanned Mobile Suit was re-christened the MS-01 and is the first official Mobile Suit of the Universal Century. After the debut of the MS-01, three other prototype suits, the MS-02, 03 and 04 were built. Each one improved on the last and eventually gave birth to the first combat-worthy and manned Mobile Suit, the MS-05A Zaku.

Illustration by Mark Simmons